Admissions are decided upon by the school´s head teacher based on the applicants´ results and scores achieved in the admission procedure, which are academic results reported in relevant primary school grades and scores reached in Cermat state entrance examinations in mathematics and the Czech language and literature.

The admission procedure concerns:
– pupils who have completed primary Year 7 (and applicants from the second year of an eight-year study programme of a secondary grammar school or conservatoire) – lower level of a six-year full-time study programme (code of programme 79-41-K/61)
– pupils who have completed primary Year 9 (and other applicants who have completed nine-year compulsory school attendance) – a four-year full-time study programme (code of programme 79-41-K/41)
Admissions criteria for the particular school year are set by the head teacher in compliance with applicable law as of January 31st of the respective year.
Entrance applications for the above mentioned study programmes must be submitted by the applicant or the parent/guardian in person to the head teacher, Gymnázium, Hranice, Zborovská 293, 753 11 Hranice and the submission deadline is March 1st.