Characteristics of the school and profile of a graduate

Gymnázium Hranice provides six-year and four-year study programmes. The address of the school is Zborovská 293, Hranice.

Students are taught in accordance with the valid school curriculums for six-year and four-year study programmes of Gymnázium, Hranice, Zborovská 293.

Gymnázium Hranice works hard towards educating and cultivating its students to become self-confident young adults well-prepared for the maturita examination and further studies. Our school´s graduate can apply critical thinking, is able to work independently as well as part of a team, is communicative, able to express their thoughts and viewpoints and stand for themselves. They speak two foreign languages and are computer literate. They have basic knowledge of natural and social sciences and are financially literate, have developed aesthetic principles and a healthy lifestyle. They can identify their strengths and know clearly what career they want to pursue. They have set their goals and are ready to work hard to accomplish them.

Fields of study