Six-year study programme

Code and study programme name: 79-41/K61 Šestileté studium
Branch: General
Length and study mode: 6 years, full-time study
Education level: upper secondary completed with the maturita examination
School curriculum: valid from September 1, 2009, updated as of September 1, 2022

A six-year study programme is designed for upper-primary school-leavers who have completed Year 7.

Admissions are decided upon by the school´s head teacher based on the candidates´ results and scores achieved in the admission procedure, which are academic results reported in relevant/corresponding primary school grades and scores reached in Cermat state entrance examinations in mathematics and the Czech language and literature.
Admissions criteria for the particular school year are set by the head teacher in compliance with applicable law as of January 31st of the respective year.
Submission of entrance applications
Entrance applications must be submitted by the applicant or the parent/guardian in person to the head teacher, Gymnázium, Hranice, Zborovská 293, 753 11 Hranice and the submission deadline is March 1st.

Characteristics of studies
The school provides academic type of education. In accordance with their interests and future professional area they want to pursue, students attending the last two senior years select their study specialization, namely natural science, technical, social science or general. In the senior year the optional subjects within the specialization make up over 30% of the lessons taught weekly. Furthermore, based on their interests, students can focus on working on their profile by opting for voluntary subjects.
Four foreign languages are taught in our school, English, German, Russian and French (referring to students´ requirements). The first foreign language is English. The second foreign language is chosen by students out of German, French and Russian in offer. It is not necessary for students to continue their second language from primary school. It is possible to start a new language and still achieve CEFR B1/B2 level.
Students are offered to develop their abilities and skills in voluntary subjects such as English or German communication and prep clubs and become ready to take international examinations like Cambridge exams in English, DELF in French or Zertifikat Deutsch in German.
Being admitted to a six-year study programme brings along a distinct advantage in terms of managing textbook material comprehension sooner, getting used to secondary school methods of schooling more rapidly and different weekly lesson allowance, especially in foreign languages, ICT, natural science and social science, compared with primary school curriculums.
Therefore, typically, primary school pupils enrolling for a six-year study programme in our school are the talented ones who are considering an academic type of secondary schooling and focus on pursuing their studies further on at a higher professional school, college or university. A fully qualified academic team of our teachers is a guarantee for students at Gymnázium Hranice to increase their knowledge and develop their abilities and skills.
During their attendance, students take part in a skiing and snowboarding course in Year 3 and a sports course in Year 5. As part of particular subjects´ curriculums, they go on field trips and have a possibility of going on educational and sightseeing trips abroad.
Gymnázium Hranice works hard towards educating and cultivating its students to become self-confident young adults well-prepared for the maturita examination and further studies. Our school´s graduate can apply critical thinking, is able to work independently as well as part of a team, is communicative, able to express their thoughts and viewpoints and stand for themselves. They speak two foreign languages and are computer literate. They have basic knowledge of natural and social sciences and are financially literate, have developed aesthetic principles and a healthy lifestyle. They can identify their strengths and know clearly what career they want to pursue. They have set their goals and are ready to work hard to accomplish them.